Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Fading Fast After a Stubborn Streak

OK, I missed a day & barely wrote anything the day before.  I am feeling rebellious about my Lent resolutions &, yesterday, overwhelmed with obligations.

So here's what's been on my radar:

  • What addiction are most commonly accompanied by what cross addictions?
  • What is the nutrition status of alcoholics and heroin users during addictive abuse and upon entering recover?
  • Personality disorders.  Most of the ones I "need" don't survive into adulthood.
  • If I don't believe in heaven, what is the point of the rosary, Catholicism, the prayers for the forgiveness of sins?  What is my metaphorical interpretation of these things in light of non-belief?
  • Helped a friend sort out what he needs to tell a story at the Moth.
  • Money worries.
  • I want to write a novel based on four women in my family: me, two nieces, an ex-sister-in-law.  I'm thinking of writing a short story or two based on the characters and have had to look at personality disorders but found my solution by Googling "tin foil hat" & found a nice cult that fits perfectly,  the Aetherius Society.
  • I'm thinking of writing the stories on this or a sister blog and charging readers $2.00 to read the last two pages.
  • Begging God that the new gig for social media I wrote proposals for comes through.
  • Wanting: a decent desk chair, the Barbie that picks up her puppy's poop,
    some cute clothes for a change
  • Writing and sending proposal to xojane as either an advice columnist or reviewer of self-help books (I'm so fucked up that I think I'd give great advice).  Proposing a series of artist dress, writer dress, poet dress, dancer dress, singer dress and whatever to eShakti, who appreciated a mention I made of them in a Psychology Today blog.  The writer dress would come with a copy of Love Sick.
  • Stumbling with horror on to a pro-anorexia website.
  • Wishing someone needed a short story for an anthology with a deadline on it so I'd have to write fiction again.
That's it.  Now I'm going to bed.

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