Monday, March 10, 2014

Excitement on Pierrepont Street

Appropriately out-of-focus, but what can you expect with two dogs on the line?

Today I will not say hello to anyone, I will say, "Snowdrops!"

It can only mean two things: crocuses are coming, as is the ice storm of the century.

But I've always believed the glass was half empty and filled with polio-infected pond scum.

They are also wonderful because I hauled my ass into Key Food after walking a poodle and bought healthy, green food.

But noticed that all the Entemanns are on sale for $2.99.

Only time will tell.

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Hilary said...

Sugar!!! I'm diabetic. The diet gurus keep telling us that sugar is our enemy. But we're constantly surrounded by it! Everywhere we look--sugar! Even the churches are into it. I go to a church that just had their annual chocolate festival Sunday followed a few weeks later by a pie day and every month it's cake day for the birthdays that fall in that month. If I were politically oriented, I would say that it's a conspiracy! Once in a while I'll meet a thin person who will say, "You know I just never liked sweets." And then I have to control my desire to slap this person silly (usually a woman!).