Friday, October 08, 2010

Trending in Francieland

After years of needing sweat pants and crappy t-shirts, I have to dress up.  This fall, it's four times a week.  It is astonishing to me that I could probably go through fall quarter -- 48 classes -- and not completely repeat the same outfit.  (Today is Wear Denim for Breast Cancer Research Day at school: yee-haw!)

Still, some things need refurbishing and I thought, for those of you in plus sizes or agoraphobic enough to avoid malls, I'd pass along two useful links.

For the best selection of tights, Woman Within. They've got vine patterns, diamonds, sweater tights, lace and -- oh! things I would never wear, "floral metallic tights".

Still, the colors are great -- cinnamon, grape, cranberry, chardonnay, charcoal.  You can cook and eat these tights for dinner!

Bras ranging from 32 - 58, cups from AA to N (I have a large chest circumferance but a B cup: not always an easy find), Lady Grace.


Emmalina said...

Oh, Frances, you SO rock! I've been trying to find a good place to lace tights that will fit me..... And I have the same situation with the large chest circumferance and B cup (we had bra fitters come to our work to get us properly fitted, and they had brought no bras in my size). THANK YOU! :)

Elisa said...

I admit, I was trying to picture you in the floral metallic tights. I was. I was wondering what was wrong with you. I feel better now.

The Coz said...

Thank you Frances! I love the tights selection. Pretty fancy!


Vickie said...

I was in an H cup once upon a time. Had no idea they went to N. And at that point I think one might need a cart with rollers to 'carry them'. I can't imagine the back ache.

I am trying to get brave enough to try tights.

I lived in skirts all summer and really loved them. bare legs, thong sandals, skirts - we were a sort of beloved 3 some.

and I do have fall and winter skirts. Just have to get brave enough for the tights. not sure what my phobia is.

E. Jane said...

I love tights, and they were an everyday part of my wardrobe in the winter when I wore skirts to work. They also hug the leg, so they're nice and warm--also flattering.

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