Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fear of Tights

I'm slightly amused that anyone would be fearful of wearing tights...except that I'm fearful of taking two bags of books to the library to donate.

A word of reassurance: they're more comfortable, warmer and less revealing than pantyhose.  If the patterns are too much (and I find most of them to be too much: who needs lace on her legs, for goodness' sake?), the plain tights in basic black, nude, white or brown ought not to cause undue concern about calling attention to one's body.  In fact, because they cover up the inroads of age, I, for one, feel much less exposed in tights.

And a p.s.: I got a Chadwick's catalogue in the mail yesterday and flipped it open this morning to find the only patterned tights I really love: ribbed, which were missing from the last great find and which make me feel school girlish.  They also have chevron-patterned sheer tights, which is as close to second place as I can go.

The ribs (up to 2X/3X)  come in black, "garnet," charcoal and chocolate, so I guess you could make a barbecue of this AND have dessert.  Why do clothing colors come with food names?


The weather vacillates between warm, cool and downright chilly here.  It's impossible to dress.  Luckily, I had a lovely nervous breakdown yesterday and didn't need to.  My moods are as variable as the temperatures -- or were yesterday, when it took a straight plummet.  I feel the courage of a new day, however, so nothing I say is fact until it happens.  Fresh coffee calls me...


Vickie said...

loved your opening sentence.

even though I am the one afraid of the tights.

drop offs I can handle - even if it involves talking/explaining - library, dry cleaners, recycling, goodwill, alteration shop.

I THRILL in getting things out of here.

but the unknowns - mail and voice mail and returning calls - dreadful beyond words.

will everyone who reads think post think we are nuts or add a list of their own - ?

E. Jane said...

I know what you mean about changeable moods, translating into "some days are better than others." I'm having a rather "down" mood today, after a weekend of physical work outside and dealing with difficult people. When I was a child, my dad always told me "there will be better days ahead." As simple and mundane as that statement sounded, it has gotten me through some rather difficult times in my life--because I have learned that it is true. And like Vickie, I love to declutter, but I sometimes dread voicemail, and phone calls, depending on my frame of mind. I guess we all have our "quirks."

Elisa said...

List! :) First, I'm sending lovey happy vibes your way, cause I can.

Second, when I feel that way phone calls are almost physically painful and I can't bring myself to make them. Or listen to voicemail. I had to make a phone call today and I did it at 5am when I knew I'd get voicemail. I didn't have to deal with people that way. |

Vickie said...

I did go buy four pair.

one is opague (chocolate brown ) and three are thicker (like for cooler weather, dark gray, lighter gray and black - I think they are called sweater tights, not as thick as socks, but thicker than the opague).

I will report back when they are actually ON my legs. . .

Cindy said...

rats, I should not have thrown away the Chadwicks! I love tights!

Frances Kuffel said...

Hey, Cindy -- I pulled the photo from online so you can also shop online. Check to see if they have a promotion code or if there are promotions listed at some of the places that come up along with the main website when you Google.

Good on you, Vickie! I know you're going to like them.

adrr123 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Anonymous said...

Frances -
I've read and loved both of your books. Can I write to you? I don't like computers
- Melanie

Vickie said...

I WORE tights today
for about 15 minutes
was on my way to therapy appt
therapist overslept
office called to cancel
back in my pjs
but really like them
and will not be afraid to wear again
(when I get to go somewhere in real clothes, usually it is exercise gear)
they were the thicker kind (target) and I can tell they will be warm enough for winter (between car and buildings).

so time for a new post!

E. Jane said...

Thanks for turning me on to Chadwick's. I hadn't ordered from them for years, but recently ordered several items. I guess I must have ordered late in the season, because several items were backordered. I am excited for their arrival. The styles were very nice.

Vickie said...

Wore tights again. And this time I actually went somewhere (remember last time my therapist cancelled on me and I had them on for a total of 15 minutes). This time I wore the thin/dressier kind. And I had several people tell me how 'put together' or 'fashionable' I looked. It was a very simple outfit. Literally my underwear, the tights, a dress with a sweater over it and my shoes. I did have a pair of really great earrings. And the buttons on the sweater were rhinestones (which looked like jewelry).

How are you doing?

You are rolling into your second holiday season - and I have been wondering how that was impacting you? post when you have a minute please. it has been a while and that always makes me worry about people, especially you and Cindy and Laura.

Vickie said...

happy thanksgiving!

Vickie said...

If I have the date correct - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Vickie said...

finally wore tights yesterday to mass. the jinx of the tights is done. I really did love them. Kept me very warm (they were the sweater-ish kind) and I was not self conscious in them.

are you doing okay? you have been 'gone' for a while now. Out west with your dad for the holidays?

Anonymous said...

but the unknowns - mail and voice mail and returning calls - dreadful beyond words.

Good. Now I know I'm not the only one afraid of voice mail. I hate regular mail, too--my mailbox is crammed before I empty it.

Vickie said...

Happy New Year!

AnaVar said...

Opening sequence is awesome. Congrats.