Friday, June 04, 2010

Trending in Francieland, right now...

What about the Japanese restaurant owner who has such a strict policy regarding uneaten food that she will ban you from her restaurant for not finishing your dinner?

Forced binging, or a new concept in Eating Green?


April said...

Perhaps other restaurants could take a lesson from this and stop serving such ridiculous portion sizes. It would be a start, anyway. I went to a Texas Roadhouse with a friend and ordered pulled pork. I ate a generous amount and took the rest home... and still had enough for two more meals there! That is just plain ridiculous! NO ONE needs that much meat! Restaurants are part of the obesity epidemic in this country. Too many people spent too many meals in restaurants eating huge meals with questionable nutritional value. I am caught n that cultural rut myself, and even recognizing it doesn't fully help. This Australian restaurant mat be taking their idealism too far by forcing it on others, but at least the chef/owner is thinking... and it would be a whole lot better for all of us who share this planet if a few more people did a little more thinking!

Anonymous said...

PJ, Minnesota:
PS: How about popcorn and drink sizes in theaters? You can't get a "small" drink anymore, but they serve Coke in bucket-sized containers that would probably see you across the Sahara. Also, as much as I like popcorn, I can not eat a washtub full. Bring back the simple little box of popcorn... please! I beg you.