Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trending in Francieland Now...

Jersey Moms scare me. So do their followers. Prepare to be horrified in a hundred ways from this Reuter's article:

I commented: 

"It's not fair to bring in suppositions about whether the public pays for her food or her medical bills.  I think Laura was right in asking why she craves this much attention.  Does she have a narcisstic disorder?

I can kind of understand weighing 600 pounds and deciding to accept oneself.  No one just balloons up to that weight and I'm sure she's tried diets and fasts and found them ineffective.  (FYI: 95% of the time they ARE ineffective).  But aiming to weight 400 more?  Glorying in her success on the fringe of fetishes?  Gorging on the food that's not only making her fat but is, in itself, dangerous?

"She lives 40 miles from NYC but she certainly couldn't get up the steps of the Metropolitan or stand in line at the Empire State Building.  She'll see Hawaii from a car. 

"And that's what makes me sad.

"What makes me mad is her and her fiancee's notion of curves.  I've weighed over half of what she weighs and I guarantee you I had NO CURVES.  I was one large mass, square shaped.  What she has are bulges and flaps.  And they're lying to themselves to think there is no difference between the two concepts."


Now let's make fun of thin people striving for Jersey Mom Perfection:

Who's the scariest of all?


Kathleen said...

I really want to punch this woman in the face. Why is she making it FUN and GLAMOUROUS to be fat? She doesn't have health problems now, but she will soon enough. I am currently struggling with 375 lbs and I can't walk more than half a block, have bad knees,a heart condition,trouble breathing,hurt all the time, can't work well and on and on. And $750 a week for groceries?? Who can afford that? Well, I guess she can with a realty show coming up. It's just another way to ridicule the one group that is still be fair game.

April said...

I read this... but I wish I didn't. I feel terrible because I have very judgmental feelings about this woman and what she is doing (to herself and to others, through society's view of women who struggle with their weight). The world is so crazy and I just feel helpless tonight...

Anonymous said...

PJ, Minnesota:
And of course there's more to say: I agree with both noters, Kathleen and April, and I feel their pain. Literally. Regarding the NJ "mom perfection?" In no way does she look perfect to me. For me, beauty lies in the personality and the smile of my friends and sisters. Plastic surgery can not supply what you do not possess. I don't think the 600 pound woman is beautiful, either: I think she's messed up. Beauty is not about perfection or weight. It's about who you are. In this same fat body I have felt both beautiful and ugly, depending on what's happening at the time. Plastic surgery is not the answer.

Anne D said...

Mentally ill... that's all I can conclude. Reality TV has become one big ugly freak show, IMO.