Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oh, great...

I decided to 1) add a feed so that anyone who wanted to be informed of my latest -- fairly infrequent -- postings could have an alert sent, and b) change the font across the cherry blossoms to black.

I managed it. But all of the posts disappeared.

You can still read comments, however. {Sick giggle here.}

This is not the post I meant to write. I want to write about it being Day 3 of no sugar, no flour. I want to say that my mantra right now is "It'll get easier." I want to say that I have to think very clearly about what I need to do each day so that I don't hit the Eight O'clock Wall being disappointed in myself. Today I've chosen hacking up a few vegetables, minimal grocery shopping & one load of laundry. Those chores + doing well by the dogs and an abstinent breakfast and lunch are my bar for saying, "You did what you set out to do. Good show, old girl."

I had a grand but very wicked laugh this morning in the dog run. Brooklyn Heights is the world headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses. They are nice people, good neighbors in their way...but also easy to make fun of.

Tons of Witnesses come to Heights not only to serve in the Witness Protection Program they run out of the priciest real estate in the neighborhood, but to visit. It's Mecca, Rome, Salt Lake City.

Some kids were coming out of one of the buildings all dressed up in little suits and dresses with sashes. They skipped across the street to look at the dogs. "Hey, doggie," one of them cried and Boomer charged the fence, barking huskily. It Bad of me to laugh. But I laughed.

So, thank you Blogspot for emptying out my precious words. Maybe this will prompt me to write more often. I'd like to use this more like I used to do my Julia Cameron Morning Pages, which I don't have time for. Maybe I'll be profound or maybe I'll talk about dogs.

Now I'm going to try to sneak out of here to throw laundry in the wash.


Bea said...

What is a feed? Odd that I wouldn't unerstand that word isn't it? All your blogs seem to be here.

Cindy said...

After my first month of blogging last year I lost all my posts. I never figured out what happened. I laughed at the dog/Witness encounter.Still smiling about it now and I needed to laugh today really bad so Thank you.

Congrats on the no sugar no flour - I know how hard it is. I admire your courage.

Anonymous said...

>> "hacking up a few vegetables" <<

Very funny. You do have a way with words.

But if abstinent behavior to get easier, a kindler, gentler perspective might suit better.

Perhaps what is needed is some of your patented twisty/sassy words that would better connote the general idea of "how lucky I am to be alive another wondeful day and chop up the healthy things that grow in the earth to provide nourishment for my body, which I love and accept with full flowing gratitude."

This might have a better subconcious effect than "hacking" at your food before you eat it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous--Are you SERIOUS??? A "kinder, gentler perspective??"

Get real. No one on early abstinence has anything but a torpid disdain for carb-free whatevers. Hack 'em all to hell, I say.

Great blog.


Anonymous said...

Have you read "The Mood Cure" by Julia Ross? There is a lot of very useful info about natural ways to regulate blood sugar and prevent binging. Low fat diets definately promote binging. Good luck and I look forward to reading more from you.