Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I don't want to think about how long it's been since I posted a real blog here but I was just saying to myself, as I had a cigarette as the ultimate delay tactic before I brushed my teeth, which was on my list of things to do, "I bet I have a thousand things I should do."  I thought it would be kind of fun to see if that's true.

Because when my brain is buzzing, I tend to freeze up & get absolutely nothing done at all.

And because I am so easily overwhelmed, I have to break big chores into small ones, so this adds to the list.  I don't clean house, I clean a shelf, for instance.

Let me also begin by noting what I have actually done of practical use in the six hours I've been up & what is not negotiable in the next six hours:

  • Walked two dogs.
  • Not eaten.
  • Done a phone Stepford meeting.
  • rolled $3 in pennies during said-meeting.
  • brushed my teeth.
  • I have another three dogs to walk.

Now for the bad news.  I wonder if this will be good for me or bad.

  1. shower
  2. floss my teeth
  3. put some things away in the high cupboards in my kitchen
  4. cold water laundry
  5. warm water laundry
  6. hot water laundry
  7. whites/bleach laundry
  8. see if my TV/cable is working
  9. try to figure out why the VCR portion of my DVD/VCR machine doesn't work
  10. find out how to download the lost registration & software for the camera I bought 28 months ago that I infinitely prefer to the camera I'm using
  11. watch the Netflix Emma series on my desk
  12. call the IRS & find out why I'm paying penalties as well as interest on back taxes which the IRS deducts my payments for
  13. having cleared the laundry out of the bathroom, clean the bathroom.
  14. collect all the bits of jewelry, pair them up & put them away
  15. change the sheets
  16. shave the callouses on my feet
  17. get a pedicure
  18. start farmette box (long story: remind me to tell it when I've finished this list)
  19. clean out kitchen cabinets & put all the flatware in place
  20. go to the damn grocery store
  21. go to the post office
  22. go to Capital One & pay bill
  23. photograph some shoes I don't wear & list on eBay
  24. leave feedback on eBay
  25. scan family records & photos for family members
  26. take pictures on Columbia Heights of the flower I admired
  27. cull Adobe album & delete unwanted photos
  28. finish editing photos from Prague
  29. look up plane reservations to Montana for grade school reunion
  30. can I afford to be off work for a week?
  31. figure out how to use my American Airlines miles before they expire
  32. put books away in proper places
  33. dust books
  34. sweep under bookcases
  35. read Silas Marner
  36. find a video of Ballanchine's Don Quixote
  37. get password straightened out with AWP
  38. look at job listings on AWP & MLA
  39. edit ED's chapters
  40. come up with phony French lesson for novel
  41. delete the scene I wrote yesterday
  42. take stuff to the dry cleaners
  43. return call to B (since Christmas)
  44. return call to A (since Christmas)
  45. write S a note
  46. figure out how to work my iPod docking station
  47. clean & dust my desk
  48. find case for Xmas carol cassette & put away Xmas music
  49. blog
  50. decide what first book is being used in novel & do some research
  51. call G. & set up French conversation lessons
  52. put away heaviest winter clothes
  53. sew buttons on coats
  54. move desk flush with wall
  55. file
  56. send out CV for adjunct jobs
  57. write C. a note
  58. put fallen stuff back on bulletin board
  59. make CD for K.
  60. make CD for Dad
  61. write my sponsor
  62. pair up socks
  63. write new scene in novel
  64. read the half a short story I wrote in January & try to figure out where it went wrong
  65. read fragments/unfinished short stories & type them into computer
  66. write magazine proposals on adoption, Mrs. Schweitzer
  67. see if I can speak to someone about curriculum at School of American Ballet
  68. take stuff to Housing Works
  69. start a daily journal
  70. listen to meditation CD
  71. write poems about fat boys, tulips
  72. dust & clean framed photos
  73. start the Shakespeare reading circle I want to do
  74. ask G&A if I can come to dinner on Sunday night when I have no dogs
  75. write out most used recipes & file in box so I don't have to run from computer to kitchen
  76. throw out last quarter's essays
  77. burn bills
  78. brush Daisy
  79. take Daisy to play bally
  80. find Stepford materials & arrange on chest
  81. go through clothes to donate, sell or throw out
  82. cancel prescription at CVS
  83. order prescription from Canada
  84. make coffee date w/ A.
  85. cancel Hulu
  86. proofread novel
  87. change from flannel to cotton sheets
  88. go through drawers in corner
  89. find slides to be transferred to DVD
  90. copy photos for R, T, L, the Ms
  91. write C2.
  92. dust dolls
  93. put magazines in basket
  94. order new shorts
  95. put CDs away
  96. put movies away
  97. find itch-free stuff in bathroom
  98. shave my legs
  99. read K's play
  100. read G's novel
  101. make dinner
  102. vacuum window grates & spider webs
  103. clean windows
  104. update money earned
  105. update calendar
  106. throw out beaten up dog toys
  107. make will
  108. step work for sponsor
  109. charge Kindle & cell phone
  110. say the rosary
  111. put odor eaters in dog-walking shoes
  112. put all the book bags on the floor away -- or better yet, cull a bunch out before putting away
  113. pull out chests of drawers & sweep
  114. get vacuum cleaner bags
  115. rent floor steamer
  116. get new sports bras
  117. research & write essay on Alcott, Elliot & C. Bronte
  118. read Don Quixote
  119. go through Writer's Chronicles for short story contests
  120. get rid of old taxes & put the last couple of years in bigger box; store
  121. write Psychology Today blog
  122. open L's Xmas gift from 2010
  123. get ticket for School of American Ballet Theater workshop
  124. buy new fan for summer; throw out the broken ones
  125. list all Ellen Gilchrist books in order of publication & note which I've read
  126. ditto Angela Thurkell
  127. find other kibble dish
  128. take TV tray out to recyling
  129. get another filing box for school stuff
  130. lather up with hand lotion & wear gloves to sleep in
  131. put away last of Xmas ornaments
  132. copy photos for J & B
  133.  walk Hudson...
  134. take Daisy to vet
  135. go to Stepford meeting
  136. listen to L'elisir D'Amore
  137. how much would it cost to rent a storage unit & how complicated would it be?
  138. write donations to World Services & Spirit Animal Sanctuary
  139. post my disaster-discovery cookie on All Recipes
  140. read the Times
  141. call Dept. of Health for nicotine patch
  142. find something to eat
  143. open boxes that came in mail
  144. clean refrigerator
  145. eat some fruit
  146. stop playing games when done eating
  147. recycle boxes that came in mail
  148. read R's book
  149. read B's book
  150. say no to book clubs
  151. empty out letter holders & throw away
  152. put books I'm selling on Amazon out of the way (back of desk?)
  153. write P.
  154. write J & N
  155. make date w/ E
  156. clean fingernails & trim
  157. put out cassettes & VHS tapes on cool dry day
  158. get batteries in watches
  159. put away winter shoes
  160. wear warmer clothes tonight
  161. make date to go to botanical garden
  162. throw out stretchy sentimental thing that's all stretched out
  163. take out garbage
  164. get new flip-flops
  165. drink some water
  166. make brief novel notes to hang up & refer to
  167. bing! how to bring Hartwell/Harry into novel! -- write it
  168. make list of all dog client phone #s
  169. call J.
  170. find video of Mozartina
  171. go to bank
  172. put away wallets
  173. put away purses & backpacks
  174. find rosary book
  175. what is that black plastic bag way up in kitchen shelves?
  176. put change away
  177. open mail
  178. finish New York Magazine
  179. call L.  Does she have my rocking chair?
  180. throw out those Rocket Dog shoes
  181. get batteries in watches
  182. dust penguin head
  183. put up recycling signs in basement
  184. outline Emma
  185. outline novel
  186. email C4 for M's address & ask abt baptismal gown
  187. find a great box
  188. should I make May Day cookies for people who didn't get Easter cookies?
  189. start Commit Art page on Facebook
  190. email SJ about photo session
  191. wash all those dusty dishes that are getting discolored
  192. walk down to Blyn Bridge Park
  193. put all reference books needed for projects on chest
  194. cross off Western Washington U. from application list & DON'T GET DEPRESSED
  195. take Prozac


Anonymous said...

Um-do you think that you are maybe just a little bit hard on yourself?

Images by Charlene said...

Wow. Now I need a nap!

Marianne said...

I would move the last one on your list to the top. It'll make the rest go easier or make you care less.

Sue said...

First, read Angela Thirkell. Then download Pomodoro.

Sarah said...

you are funny. reread passing for thin all the time. hang in there

Anonymous said...

And, and, AND~as a friendly *snark* may say..."May 11 is a'coming" Be ready to make your comment!!!!!!!!!!!

Hilary said...

Hi Frances, I'm glad to see you're back. This list is incredible! But what really struck a nerve with me was "Read Silas Marner." Ever since a nun in high school told us that we really should read this, I've wondered about it (it wasn't an assignment). So I just read it (age 65!). Better than I thought it would be but not outstanding. I'll be interested to hear if/when you read it.

Anonymous said...

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