Sunday, July 24, 2011


Nothing has gone right for the last four days. 

As the heat wave roared in, I went to the dentist on Thursday & got a temporary crown which cracked apart within an hour of leaving the office.

Friday the temperature soared to 104 degrees.  Sometime very early that morning I woke up and noticed I  And the the cable box was not telling me the time.  I opened the door and was met with complete darkness.  I proceeded to pad out into the street to find a bevvy of Con Ed trucks and patches of the street opened up.  We didn't get electricity back until mid-afternoon.

Very bad for Facebook games.

Yesterday, still in the low hundreds with humidity in the 50s, I opened a letter from my agent & discovered someone had mistaken my request for a three-month extension for the deadline of Sex and the Pity as a two-month extension.

Of course that had to happen on a SATURDAY.  When I can't do anything about it.

The building's elevator is busted.  The door to the cellar is locked.  My laundry is being held hostage & I can't take trash or recycling out.

I do not feel like writing.

The chapter I'm working on, however, is rather musical. I was cool with the first half of this chapter, and now, with some great advice from Facebook friends, I'm facing the second half.  To stall for time, I put a play list of all the songs mention in the book so far.  My fundamentalist family can listen with impunity -- & I hope you will enjoy it. 

I'm even kinda in the mood for a smoke & an assault on the next bit, armed with Owl City and the lamented Amy Winehouse.


Elisa said...

((hugs)) I'm thinking of just changing my name to "murphy"...if something bad CAN happen to me, it will. I'm waiting for the Universe to open up and swallow me while I write....

Good luck with the next bit. You can do it! :)

katie said...

Go to NYU's Dental School clinic..sliding scale fee based on present income and excellent work. I'm a writer been going there for years. One of best dental schools in the country. Check out the website.
Cracked teeth only get worse!!

Maria said...

No AC, a long walk up, a heat wave *and* a busted tooth.....? Safe to say it isn't shinola, you can follow your instincts on this one. I hope it has gotten better, at least cooler.

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