Saturday, September 06, 2008

Waiting for Hannah

You can cut the air with a butter knife right now. Until the storm really blows in it's going to be sheer unmitigated misery outside.

Then it will be a different kind of sheer unmitigated misery outside.

Yesterday was borderline horrid but evocative. I've never really been any place tropical but the very tip of the Caribbean was covering Brooklyn, sometimes in sticky stillness, sometimes in a breeze that "almost" made me want to dance. Almost = it was still damn humid, hanging out at between 60 - 80%.

So we wait. I'm in several cycles that I don't enjoy but have to go through. I have two extra dogs today, who hated each other -- "Allen," who needed to be out of the movers, & Henry, whose humans are suffering through the US Open. Tomorrow Daisy and I go to Mally's house for 3 1/2 days, juggling Mally with the other dogs, although thankfully Boomer is away for two weeks -- they hate each other & Roger went after Henry today that left a number of bloody scratches on my left arm & thigh, which is enough for a while.

The best thing about Roger moving, aside from fewer scraps, is that I gave him a red triceratops that is sewn as tightly as any object I've ever seen & is only slightly smaller than Roger. It's become his demon twin & he is hilariously attached & scared by it in turns. The other best thing about this dog is that when he goes in for a scrap, I can pull him out, not only because he weights about 25 pounds, but because he lets me. I hauled him away & we sat & had a talk about being jealous of Henry & I told him about the people I'm jealous of & I cried & he rolled over for a belly rub.

The worst thing about Roger is my sore heart at losing this demon seed. He's a scary, scared dog but so smart & understands me better than anyone but Daisy. Unfortunately, because Daisy owns me, she doesn't give a shit very often about how my novel is going or how much I wish most parts of Henry's humans' lives were mine. The second worst thing is that he didn't kiss me goodbye, but that, like losing weight & waiting for hurricanes, is an act of nature & nothing you can ask for.

The best thing about the Mally gig is his owner asking if I was prepared to hydrate their elderly cat. The cat's nickname is "Little Boo" but Tim put the question both more and less formally: "You OK with Left Pocket and the bag?" You tell me, but I had a long pause in which I had to put various scenes from The Godfather out of my mind.

The latest act of nature perpetrated upon me is that I got on the scale this morning & it told me I've gained four pounds. Oh God, why hast thou forsaken me??? What did I do? It's one of those "All I Want" days: "All I want is to break 240".

All "All I Want" modes are suspicious, even when I think they're realistic. I'd like to say, for instance, that all I want is a shower. But I want a cheeseburger more & I want to NOT want a cheeseburger even more than that. Whatever accounts for those four pounds is in the wait-and-see ether.

Still. I really want to break 240.

This is a grab-bag post. I'm listening to Annie Lennox. I cleaned the tops of my stove today & bought a flame-thrower with which to relight the pilot light in my oven. I walked past a Ford Explorer this morning & thought it said "Extortioner," which made me giggle, & when Henry wanted to kiss a baby's feet & I steered him away, I heard myself saying, "You don't eat babies' feet, Silly. You wait until they're toddlers."

I've spent too much time alone lately. Can you tell?

With more to come as Hannah sweeps up from New Jersey.


Anne M. said...

Watching Hanna sweep through my part of the world even as I read this, the rain pelting down through leaves as Tessie stares out in hopes of seeing something interesting. Rain is not interesting to her.

Love the cartoon - it's funny to think of the pounds chatting to each other the way we do.

Roger may be moving but he will always be part of your life and in your heart.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Four pounds are nothing compared to your spirit and energy and talent with words. They are not needed; no one will miss them and no one will care if they're there or not.

But your dogs, your family and your fans and readers need YOU, your voice, your thoughts and your words. So keep on pushing on - we're with you!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

P.S. Loved the babies' feet joke.

Unknown said...

OK, now I'm a crazy person, deleting comments. Mine sounded too know-it-ally and I hate that.

Sad for you for your dog friend's departure. Happy to hear the writing is progressing. Love the cartoon.

Lori G. said...

See, I misread what you wrote about the flame-thrower and thought you were using that to clean your stoves off (which surprised me). :-)

Hanna came through here and we had a nice soaking rain which we needed.

And I love the baby feet jokes too.

Bea said...

To quote what a very wise and wonderful woman wrote to me a couple of years ago, "Stay off the damn scale."

I also understood you were going to clean your stove top with a flame thrower. I thought, "What a great idea." I was going to write and ask for the details when I noticed I had misread the sentence. Imagine my disappointment. Cheers

Anonymous said...