Monday, February 04, 2008

Dating is not just about you

I'm not in a very good mood.

Anonymous writes: "Dating is not just about you -- it is made infinitely easier, if not just plain old possible, by having enough of yourself left over (after ruminating and obsessing over yourself) for other people."

Anonymous is right -- it's not just about me. But my blog is. This is where I tell my stories & am the first to admit that dating brings out my Inner Brat.

What I think & struggle with (including swings between shame & grandiosity) -- which is what you read -- is not necessarily how I act.

But then you might not know that given that as Anonymous, I don't know if I know you.

& you know, because I've been cyber-dumped & will not be mean to someone who had enough niceness to hook me, I'll be mean to you, Anonymous. As far as I know -- but then I can't know, can I? -- you have not had any niceness with which to hook my empathy, compassion, interest, & services. So, Anonymous: piss the fuck off.


Maggie said...


Sanctimonious twit doesn't get blogging, obviously...

Glad you're back, I've missed your posts.


Laura N said...

I loved your False Romance post. I'm proud of you for getting out there. And I am really proud of you for seeing your good points and claiming them.

Obviously, I'm on board with the Anti - Anonymous movement. What a dufus.

Anonymous said...


Gallis said...


As far as I'm concerned, blogs are completely the realm of their writer. You don't like it, don't read it. That simple.

Unknown said...

I had to stop allowing anonymous comments because of the crap I was getting -- more spam in my case than mean comments.

I think that your dating experiment WAS all about you, though. It seems like you wanted to put yourself out there just to remind yourself that you're still attractive -- so your experiment got the desired result and now you can decide where to go from there.

Unknown said...

P.S. Just because you have a hot and heavy romance going with your book doesn't mean you can't flirt a little, right? As long as you don't forget you're committed? :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm going to have to give myself a name--I don't want to get mistaken for the other Anonymous. (I'm the one who actually posted the anonymous, but I hope more supportive posts a while back). So, is this person is castigating you for being self-centred, etc., why is s/he reading your blog, hmmm?

Anonymous said...

Hi Frances,
I'm one of your biggest fans. Sorry to see that someone has been such a pompous ass to you on here. I guess that's what putting yourself "out there" in a blog will get you, though. Like they say, "there's one in every crowd."

I'm not sure how to get a name on here, but just wanted to give you my support. Most things 'net related confuse me at one time or another, lol.


Bea said...

Good heavens, a woman has to have a heart of iron to survive internet dating. No wait, I guess that works with face to face dating also doesn't it? Hang in there friend, Mr. Right is just biding his time for the perfect moment.

Unknown said...

Love the red photos -- hope they are cheering you up.