Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Random Thoughts - Photo Essay

You tell me: is this a sign, & what is it a sign of?

When I was working for Alix, my therapist asked me to get a Cindarella doll for my desk to remind me that I wasn't sitting in the ashes any more. This weekend she fell into my large lamp. I smelled something burning. Here's Cindarella now.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tomorrow I leave early in the morning for a wekk in Phoenix. My father is turning 90 & there's ahuge party for him on Sunday & 30 people from out-of-town dropping in & out of the house for a sort of reunion for the two days before. I'll get to see my nience & grand-niece, as well as the other nieces & nephews. I'll be cooking for 30 people. I've planned meals that are abstinent -- salad & sandwich bars for lunch, jambalaya -- & I know my father is going to be thrilled.

I've taken the right steps & some unusual ones for my physical well-being. My clothes fit to a T -- no room for goofing off. There is a box of ex-lax in my luggage. Breakfast & lunch are packed & in the refrigerator for the plane tomorrow.

I'll be seeing my Perfect Cousins, or three of them anyway. This has me in fits. My brother Jim & I always laugh that we have to brace ourselves to see our cousins. I have killer shoes, several pairs. An elegant brown-fading-to-champagne silk dress. My Prada knock-off's & honkin' big zircon earrings. So we'll see.

I've planned most of the party aside from the big she-bang on Sunday, although I've ordered pinatas for centerpieces & order chili pepper balloons & found a place to fill them.

I'm exhausted.


I survived John Malkovich only to have spent an hour in the dog run, where Henry splashed water on me from knees to shoes & the Roger skrtched dirt on my from knees to shoes. I dropped off my dogs & hurried to walk Zeke. & yes, I defiitely got a second glance, the antithesis of Eric Clapton's, from Gabriel Byrne.

His look was NOT admiring.

I really hope one of the five pairsof shoes I'm bringing makes me feel like a girl...


Lori G. said...

Pshaw on Gabriel Byne. He's old and he's probably bitter that his ex-wife left him for Ron Perelman. Besides, you don't know what he was thinking when he saw you. It might have been, "Gee, I shouldn't have had that second slice of pepperoni pizza."

I hope you have a great time in Phoenix. As for your cousins, they're not so perfect and you'll find that out. If they pretend to be, just remember: nobody's perfect. Our imperfection is a bit obvious at times; theirs isn't.

Your dad and mom will be so happy to see you (along with everyone else). I'm glad you planned out things and meals and have fun!

Laura N said...

It's a good thing you smelled dear Cindy before she burned down your apartment! Shame on her for diving into the lamp. She probably needs to go see a therapist and was tired of being all perfect and dainty in that blue dress. BTW, my daughter has that doll... she was Cinderella for Halloween the year she was 3, and I bought her the doll to match.

Hope you have a lovely time with your family. Agree with Lori-the cousins are probably really screwed up and just good at hiding it. ;-) It sounds like you have worked really hard for your dad's party. I'm sure he'll love it. What a gift you are giving to him for his 90th birthday.

Cindy said...

Hope the trip goes great. Thanks for reminding me to plan ahead. I don't even know who Gabriel Byrne is!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a sign that Cinderella moonlights as a minstrel performer...

Bea said...

"Cinder" ella. I think the black face is appropriate.

Gad. Famous personages abound in your life. I once shook hands with Dick Cheney. Does that count?

Have fun on your trip.