Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Month of Two Full Moons

Goodbye, June. We went through some heavy rains together, roses & lilies, the Rose Moon & now a Blue Moon.

I cancelled therapy today. I woke up at 10.20 with the start of a cold, too limp to lift a finger beyond the weekend dog obligations -- it became apparent that I had no energy for either the subway/self-revelation or the dinner party I was invited to this evening. I'm running that small fever that's under the skin: I feel normal to the touch but can feel the burn on my cheeks & forehead & the tops of my thighs.

I feel beaten up, as well I might be, as though this moon-heavy month has pulled me this way & that. Part of how I'm feeling comes from getting off sugar yet fucking again. Part is crashing after the plane ride from hell on Wednesday. "You're due, honey," I tell myself. "This is inevitable." But I miss my old energy.

It was a gorgeous day, even for someone with fever under her skin if she stayed in the shade. We walked Mellie & ran into lots of people we know, some of them by their dog's name: Izzy, Roger, Stanley. Tom rushed out of the store to play with Daisy's mind & to tell me about the spate of complaints he's gotten lately, providing a good deep laugh I sorely needed. I managed to vacuum a very little, write one email, clean my desk up sort of. It's 7.30 & I bet I'm in bed by 9.

So what's a crazed girl to do when she's got a fever & sore throat & the woozies of getting sick? Order smacking-firey chicken vindaloo (use only under adult supervision) & two pairs of jammies.

Time to wash the dish, stash the left-overs & clean some Italian grayhound crates. If we're lucky, Daisy & I will make the turn onto the Promenade in time to fall in love with the fireflies...


Unknown said...

Frances, that photo is amazing, first of all. Thank you for posting it.

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, but it doesn't surprise me with all the different directions you've been pulled -- visit to the folks, book, dogs, the stupid boys, weight stuff...

Hope you did get a chance to flirt with the fireflies.

Lori G. said...

I adore the photo. That is an amazing photo.

You have been under a bit of a siege, travel, parents, money questions/problems, work, etc. so it's not too surprising that you feel ill. I hope it's not too serious.

I hope you and Miss Daisy got to flirt fireflies -- I seem to remember dogs in my life always trying to eat them for some reason.

Get well,

Bea said...

Take care of yourself. Love Bea

Cindy said...

I hope you get to snuggle up with Daisy and get some rest and relaxation. Travel can wear a person out.