Sunday, July 24, 2011


Nothing has gone right for the last four days. 

As the heat wave roared in, I went to the dentist on Thursday & got a temporary crown which cracked apart within an hour of leaving the office.

Friday the temperature soared to 104 degrees.  Sometime very early that morning I woke up and noticed I  And the the cable box was not telling me the time.  I opened the door and was met with complete darkness.  I proceeded to pad out into the street to find a bevvy of Con Ed trucks and patches of the street opened up.  We didn't get electricity back until mid-afternoon.

Very bad for Facebook games.

Yesterday, still in the low hundreds with humidity in the 50s, I opened a letter from my agent & discovered someone had mistaken my request for a three-month extension for the deadline of Sex and the Pity as a two-month extension.

Of course that had to happen on a SATURDAY.  When I can't do anything about it.

The building's elevator is busted.  The door to the cellar is locked.  My laundry is being held hostage & I can't take trash or recycling out.

I do not feel like writing.

The chapter I'm working on, however, is rather musical. I was cool with the first half of this chapter, and now, with some great advice from Facebook friends, I'm facing the second half.  To stall for time, I put a play list of all the songs mention in the book so far.  My fundamentalist family can listen with impunity -- & I hope you will enjoy it. 

I'm even kinda in the mood for a smoke & an assault on the next bit, armed with Owl City and the lamented Amy Winehouse.