Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fear of Tights

I'm slightly amused that anyone would be fearful of wearing tights...except that I'm fearful of taking two bags of books to the library to donate.

A word of reassurance: they're more comfortable, warmer and less revealing than pantyhose.  If the patterns are too much (and I find most of them to be too much: who needs lace on her legs, for goodness' sake?), the plain tights in basic black, nude, white or brown ought not to cause undue concern about calling attention to one's body.  In fact, because they cover up the inroads of age, I, for one, feel much less exposed in tights.

And a p.s.: I got a Chadwick's catalogue in the mail yesterday and flipped it open this morning to find the only patterned tights I really love: ribbed, which were missing from the last great find and which make me feel school girlish.  They also have chevron-patterned sheer tights, which is as close to second place as I can go.

The ribs (up to 2X/3X)  come in black, "garnet," charcoal and chocolate, so I guess you could make a barbecue of this AND have dessert.  Why do clothing colors come with food names?


The weather vacillates between warm, cool and downright chilly here.  It's impossible to dress.  Luckily, I had a lovely nervous breakdown yesterday and didn't need to.  My moods are as variable as the temperatures -- or were yesterday, when it took a straight plummet.  I feel the courage of a new day, however, so nothing I say is fact until it happens.  Fresh coffee calls me...

Friday, October 08, 2010

Trending in Francieland

After years of needing sweat pants and crappy t-shirts, I have to dress up.  This fall, it's four times a week.  It is astonishing to me that I could probably go through fall quarter -- 48 classes -- and not completely repeat the same outfit.  (Today is Wear Denim for Breast Cancer Research Day at school: yee-haw!)

Still, some things need refurbishing and I thought, for those of you in plus sizes or agoraphobic enough to avoid malls, I'd pass along two useful links.

For the best selection of tights, Woman Within. They've got vine patterns, diamonds, sweater tights, lace and -- oh! things I would never wear, "floral metallic tights".

Still, the colors are great -- cinnamon, grape, cranberry, chardonnay, charcoal.  You can cook and eat these tights for dinner!

Bras ranging from 32 - 58, cups from AA to N (I have a large chest circumferance but a B cup: not always an easy find), Lady Grace.